pictures from Ukraine ︎︎

In 2018 I traveled throughout parts of Ukraine with my Dad and brother on a journey to find the village my great grandmother lived in before immigrating to the United States. She left her land and home in order to escape Russian persecution. She would tell my dad stories about her life and home in the Carpathian Mountains and bring him with her to forage for mushrooms in New Jersey. She was an incredibly important person in my dad's life, sharing traditions with him that he has passed down to us. He has always dreamed of finding her home and finally after retiring from work, he was able to.

These pictures were made throughout our quest to find her home and are visual records of where she lived, each one connected to stories and moments of our experience—like the cherry juice our distant relatives shared with us that they made from the cherry trees at Baba's home.

The limited-edition print sale of these photographs was able to mobilize nearly $8,000 in funds distributed to grassroots efforts that are doing amazing work to bring aid to Ukraine including Sunflower of Peace, Ukraine Trust Chain, Co-Haty, Spilka NYC, Come Back Alive, Food For Life Dnipro, and Kyiv Angels. Consider supporting their ongoing work.